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Camp Victory Boys Camp

New Campers

If you would like to come to camp, or would like to refer a camper to us, please email us at or download the Camper Application and Camper Health Form.

If you are a boy aged 7-14 and living in Pacific, Grays Harbor or Mason counties in Washington state who is a survivor of sexual abuse, Camp Victory is for you!

Camp Victory provides a safe, nurturing environment where boys can heal and thrive in a supportive community. There is no cost for children to attend. Volunteers are carefully screened and trained. Camp Victory is a private, 501 (c) (3), nonprofit organization.

Frequent Questions and Answers

If you have additional questions or would like to speak with someone at Camp Victory, please call 360-665-2888 or email

Who are the boys that come to camp? The boys who come to camp are ages 7-14 from Grays Harbor, Pacific or Mason Counties. They are all survivors of sexual abuse.

Where and when is camp? We use a camp with large dormitories that have lights, bathrooms and heat. There is a lake, a large lodge for indoor activities and a yurt for gatherings. Camp will be a 3 day weekend in May. All boys will ride special vans that meet campers in Shelton, Aberdeen, South Bend, Long Beach, and Ocean Park. Camp starts on Friday at lunch time and ends on Sunday afternoon.

What do we do at camp? You and your crew, which includes other boys your age and adult volunteers, can play games, do crafts, fly kites, do archery, fish, canoe, dance, sing, go for hikes, make s’mores, and have fun. In the evening we have special activities, and a campfire.

What about food? We all eat in the dining room together. We have great meals and if you need special foods, we can make sure you have what you need. Our meals are the campers' favorites and are prepared right at camp. Snacks like fruit are available between meals.

Who are the adults in camp? All of the adults in camp are trained volunteers. Each group of boys has adult buddies and there are other folks in camp who teach or lead crafts, sports, boating and archery. Other adults help with meals and other activities. We always have a nurse at camp. All volunteers have completed back ground checks.

I don’t really like to talk about my abuse. Is camp still right for me? Camp Victory is a safe and healing place and there are people who will talk with you if you want. We are honest at camp about all campers having been abused, but no one is ever asked to speak about their experience. Some boys want to talk about what happened to them and others don’t. No one will ask you to talk about your abuse.

What if I wake up in the night, take a lot of medicines, wet the bed, or have other problems? We can help with those things. You can call us before camp if you would like to talk with one of us.

How much does it cost? Many people work together to make sure camp doesn’t cost boys or their families any money. We also help to pay for counseling for boys who need it.

How do I apply? Download a Camper Application and Camper Health Form or contact the camp office at 360-665-2888 or

We hope you will join us if Camp Victory sounds like the place for you.



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