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About Camp Victory

Camp Victory is a private, 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization providing a healing residential camp for children and teens from Grays Harbor and Pacific counties who are survivors of sexual abuse.

Girls’ Camp has been held since 1990. The first Boys Camp was in 2013. The residential camps provide each camper, or "Liittle Buddy", with a safe and healing place in which to take part in traditional camp activities and to know that he or she is not alone.

The Buddies are matched individually or in small groups with carefully selected adults, known as "Big Buddies". Big Buddies support their Buddies throughout camp and ensure their well-being as all join in , playing, dancing, singing, creating crafts and taking part in other camp activities. . In addition to Big Buddies, there are many other adult volunteer roles at camp. All Camp Victory adults participate in an intensive training program prior to joining camp.

Campers reconnect with each other each year at multiple events throughout the year. Singing camp songs, trying new crafts, talking with their camp friends and eating great food highlight the gatherings.

Campers can return to camp throughout their growing up years. Some girls join our leadership training program for 19-20 year olds. Currently, a group of young women who “grew up” in Camp Victory are active adult volunteers., and have been members of our Leadership Team. When Boys camp has been around for a few more years, the program will expand to support the needs of the older campers.

How much does it cost to attend?

No fees are charged for the children and teens to attend camp. Donations from individuals and organizations have made it possible to sponsor camp, provide the special events and pay for specialized counseling services for many of the girls, and now the boys.

Why don't you have pictures of camp?

We work hard to protect the privacy of our camp participants.

Upcoming Events

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